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"I just started my second Jar and it is amazing! I have not tried it in practice yet, but I can feel the healing and I am so grateful. I am heading for Mexico and will be rekindling my marriage and I am so grateful for your miracle butter!

I will order again, probably 2, when I return on the 20th. So Far it lasts about a month with almost daily application. My GYN only had estrogen cream to help so I just suffered. It definitely works and it changes lives. Well done! 🙂

Sending you Love and Peace"


“I’ve suffered from pain during intercourse for several years due to medical conditions. I’ve tried all different kinds of methods to make the pain less. When I was introduced to Sex Butter, I was intrigued by the all natural ingredients, so I tried it on myself and then with my partner. Needless to say, it was SUCH a relief to get relief from this product. The sensation enhances to feel good part of intercourse which allowed me to “let go” a little more than I had been previously able to. I felt like I had an natural “barrier” to pain that put me more at ease too. Not only is the product great for sexual experiences but I find myself using it on a weekly basis to simply quell any pain I’m having outside of sex. I love that it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so I know that it’s keeping my vagina healthy too! ” xoxo Nikki

“From initially being the recipient of one of your great products as a Birthday gift, to now being a fully fledged customer who indulges in your entire range . . . My partner and I absolutely love your products! Not to mention the exceptional customer service and fast shipping that comes with them!”

- Sandra

“I absolutely love sex butter. I’m in my mid-twenties and I’ve tried other kinds of lubricant and sex butter blows them all out of the water. I absolutely love the enhanced sensation, which has led to some of the most powerful erotic experiences of my life, both with a partner and with myself. The product smells great and I love the texture and how it makes me feel. Thank you!"

- N. O’Brien


“Your product - the best. If anyone isn’t using it they are missing out big time!!!” Tamara Elizabeth (female)

“Sex Butter gets the job done! A sensual product that allows pleasurable capacity to flow just like butter.  I would recommend this to anyone and let the fun begin!” Logan Mohtashami, Irvine CA (male)

“I have loved Sex Butter from the very first time I tried it. My first impression was WOW!!! But this new formula… DOUBLE WOW!! Not to mention, my man LOOOOVES IT! It is THE BEST!!” Kena Mendez (female)

“I just wanted to let you know that I purchased Sex Butter from your site and we absolutely love it! It’s not messy to use like other lubricants and it is very silky, creamy, pleasantly tingly and it is NOT STICKY! I am a menopausal woman and it is great for dryness. I also like the fact that it is natural and edible. My husband loves it too! Sex Butter is wonderful and we will definitely be buying more. Thanks for such a wonderful product.” Pam (female)

Delicious and sensual!!! Sex Butter is perfect for steamy sex on cold winter nights. Love your product! Kristal Mae, Certified Sex Therapist, Denver, CO (female)


“I really like Sex Butter.. REALLY like it! I never want to run out again… the use of any other lube is just not doable. Sex Butter is so much better!” Nanz Z., San Diego, CA (female)

“Your product - the best. If anyone isn’t using it they are missing out big time!!!” Tamara Elizabeth (female)

“I used to have problems completing orgasm due to certain medications I take. It would either take more than 30 minutes or never happen at all. This was very frustrating for me. After trying Sex Butter, I was able to have an orgasm like when I was in my 30s again! It comes in a very classy container and smells so good. My orgasms have been very intense since I have been using Sex Butter and when I think of sex I think of the scent of Sex Butter. It has not failed me yet!! Now I look forward to that sexual release with the help of Sex Butter.” Mark N., CA (male)

We have tried every lubricant under the sun and we either end up looking like we rolled in jello or using the entire bottle.

When women reach menopause, the area gets thin so we can end up with some pain.  Sex Butter made a huge difference.  OMG!!!!!!  It is the best product I have found and I have bought sexual toys and gels from all over the world, even Doctor perscribed.

I have finally found the PERFECT solution and I Highly recommend it.  Clean up is a breeze, no more rubber sheets or jello baths.  Sex Butter is all we will ever use.   ~Ann Sullivan

“I love, love, love Sex Butter!

I've kind of become addicted to it for good reasons.  It's also been amazing when my husband and I use it during sex too.

I used to have vaginal pain during and afer we were intimate, but Sex Butter creates a healing, soothing feeling during an after.

I can't get enough of it.
~E McDermott

“As the founder of Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage - a conference for married and engaged women, I am writing to both endorse and recommend Sex Butter.

I have been in menopause since I wass 38 years old dealing with the challenges that come along with it.  I tried many over the counter products thta claim to enhance your sex life with NO luck :(

Since I came across Sex Butter, my life and sex life has never been the same!  I have recommended Sex Butter to women all over the world.

All I can say is WOW.  Thanks for creating this product.  It's amazing!” 
~Gail Crowder, The One Sexy Wife

I love Love LOVE Sex Butter.  Where do I begin?  I love the silkiness.  It tastes like a thin min cookie and doesn't have an unpleasant aftertaste.  Its not sticky, too slipprey or messy.

Initially it feels cool on  your vagina and then starts to tingle which feels crazy while your partner is inside you.   It works great for moisturizing and as a massage oil as it melts quickly in your hands.

I've tried several lubes but none have been like Sex Butter.  I like it so much.  I'd give it as a gift  I can't say enough about it.  I highly recommend it. AMAZING 
~ Casey Carter, Author of Erotic Short Stories


“Wow.  Amazing!  Sex Butter is our new favorite sex product and toy.  The tingling rocks.

Smelled so good I went down south.  Tasted like York Peppermint Patty.  Felt amazing in my vagina too!

!Holli & Michael, Swingtime Playboy Radio hosts

“The feeling that Sex Butter gave to me was a warm but refreshing tingly sensaion which both aroused me and acted to enhance sexual stimulation.

As someone who rarely gets to enjoy sexual enhancers, this was highly desireable for me and instantly intensified my sexual experience”

~Emmeline Peaches, UK product reviewer

“Your product - the best. If anyone isn’t using it they are missing out big time!!!” Tamara Elizabeth (female)