Vagina Steam Seat for Vaginal Steaming

Vagina Steam Seat for Vaginal Steaming

Is Vaginal Steaming Part of Your Sexual Health Practice?

You may have just recently heard about Vaginal Steaming however it’s actually an ancient healing practice used to aid females in maintaining a healthy vagina and improve fertility for females wanting to conceive.

What most women don’t know is that the vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent of the entire female body and anything that is absorbed into the vagina cannot be filtered. Your vagina has no filter. Bonnie Gayle

Vaginal steaming herbs used are for the purpose of nourishing, toning, healing and bringing in fresh oxygenated blood, promoting cleansing and aiding in the suppleness of both the vaginal and uterine tissues.You sit on a steaming chair that is similar to sitting on a toilet seat that has a pot of steamed herbs beneath it. The steam from the herbal tea absorbs into your skin and orifice stimulating the production of hormones to maintain uterine health, aid regular menstrual cycles, correct digestive disorders and sooth the nervous system. Natural antibiotic and anti fungal properties help maintain internal health and keep skin looking young.You can either go to a spa and have a vaginal steaming costing anywhere from $50-75 or you can vaginal steam in the privacy of your own home in which case you would need to purchase or create a chair and purchase the herbs. Other supplies needed (a huge pot and some blankets) most likely you already have. *** I do NOT benefit in any way from these items purchases. They are strictly recommendations to improve your sexual health. For specific herbs for your specific needs check out and contact Bonnie Rogers for a personalized herbal remedy for your vaginal steam. Or visit for a prepackaged herbal mixture.To Your Sexual Health,XOX Bonnie Gayle

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