Sterling Silver Vibrator

Sterling Silver Vibrator

It’s Important To Make Sure Your Sex Toys Are NOT Harming Your Body.

Sex toys are NOT regulated. Did you know the sex toys (vibrators and dildos) you are using to enhance pleasure could really be harmful to your body? I wasn’t aware that some sex toys were toxic until 10 years ago when I became interested in my sexual health because I started having issues. When I found out, I researched and got rid of all the toys that were gel, porous and were either made of harmful ingredients or had added chemical ingredients that were harmful. I didn’t realize that several of the toys I depended on for so long that gave me so much pleasure were actually toxic to the lining and tissue in my vagina. I ditched almost all the sex toys in my goodie bag.

The worst part is that I found out the vagina has NO filters of protection. I was using sex toys to increase sexual pleasure and have more fun and what I didn’t know was that I was also creating a harmful environment on and in my most precious parts. Bonnie Gayle

What I learned was make sure to stay away from any sex toys:

  1. Pourous or Absorbent- bacteria hides in the crevices and pourous material which you are then rubbing into the larges mucous membrane in your body. *
  2. Containing chemicals or materials that are toxic to your body. PVC plastic and Phthalates are carcinogenic. They have been linked to neurological and reproductive issues as well as itching, burning, rash, and tissue damage. *
  3. Gel sex toys. *
  4. Sex toys containing Nickel. *
  5. Sex toys made of Vinyl. *
  6. “Phthalate-free” claims on the package aren’t necessarily true, even when coming from large, mainstream companies. *

Not all sex toys are toxic. There are many body safe options for sex toy materials including:

  1. Medical grade (commercially pure) Titanium (Nickel free)
  2. Solid Sterling Silver (Nickel free)
  3. 100% Medical Grade Silicon
  4. Glass

Sex toys are something you don’t want to do on the cheap. Saving money on a toy could end up costing you a fortune in medical feels for infection and disease that you could have easily avoided. Painful vaginal infections make you miserable.

Your sexual health is something you may not give much thought to unless something happens where you feel pain or lose desire. All of these tips are all ways to either remain sexually healthy or improve your sexual health if needed. Now that you are living longer lives many of the conditions that may not have been considered important in the past have become very important today… your Sexual Health is one of them.

XOXO Bonnie Gayle


*Kinsey Institute Research

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