Kegel Egg (Titanium)

Kegel Egg (Titanium)

The Kegel Egg is a tool you can use to increase elasticity and blood flow to the vaginal muscles, rebuilding the vaginal walls (for women in menopause), and awakening sexual sensitivity. Kegel Eggs come in a variety of sizes because not every woman has the same size vagina.

Kegel Eggs should be made of body safe materials like:

How you can use the Kegel Egg:

  • Sleep with the Kegel Egg inside your vagina.
  • Wear the Kegel Egg during the day, tightening your muscles as you walk to hold it inside. Just an FYI, you may find yourself getting “turned on”!
  • Insert the Kegel Egg and do Kegel exercises (tighten your muscles and hold them, releasing on and off as if you were holding in from urinating).

Using the Kegel Egg over time can make sex much more exciting for you which will in turn be a huge turn-on for your partner.

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