You have to get out of your head to get into your body to enjoy pleasure

You have to get out of your head to get into your body to enjoy sex, pleasure and orgasm!

I always seem to be in my head. I have a lot going on. My to-do list in my head seems never ending and I don’t have the time to write everything down. It’s a miracle I get so much done which is probably because I’m a great multi-tasker. Multi-tasking is great for some things but not for sex, intimacy, making love, or feeling feminine.

I’ve been in my head as long as I can remember… and then there’s this other side of me I’m stepping into; feminine, sexy, confident, tigress, and don’t forget sensual.  That’s the woman I want to be for the rest of my life.  It took my a long time to find her, 45+ years… and now she’s here to stay.

How did this happen to me?  Wow.. never thought this would be coming out of me for the world to see that’s for sure but here goes… When I was 41, I started to lose my “edge”… It was a double edged sword.  My male edge was slowly disintegrating and I started feeling different.  With this whole mental or spiritual change came a whole physical change too.  One that I had no control over.  It happened just as I began my sexual prime.

I was in danger of losing my sexuality just as I was entering what was supposed to be my sexual prime and it wasn’t OK.  My vagina closed up and shut down. All I could feel was pain down there. Even the thought of sex was excruciating let alone having it.

I started asking around so that I could understand what was happening to me. Nobody could relate which eventually sent me to the doctor who informed me I was in peri-menopause and had the beginning stages of vaginal atrophy and pain (dyspareunia). Ouch. It was another word for vaginal dryness and pain. All of this made me want to completely disconnect from my body. It was emotionally and physically devastating.

In my early 40s, I was in danger of losing my sexual prowess. I needed to find a healthy and organic product I could use to help boost my sexual desire and relieve me of the pain I was in. Unfortunately I found nothing at the time.  In my opinion, most lubricants have a lot of toxic ingredients in them that I would never want anywhere near my body, like things that have been known to cause cancer (methylparaben, ethylparaben) and one of the main ingredients in antifreeze (propylene glycol). And those sweet sticky smells and tastes, ugh!  Are those synthetic chemical smells and artificially sweetener tastes supposed to make you feel sexy? That don’t make me feel sexy or sensual.  I only want organic healthy products that make me feel good going on and in my body.

That’s why Sex Butter was created. I finally found something that made me feel good, soothed my pain, and got me out of my head and into my body again. Sex Butter saved my sex life.  Sex Butter opened me up by getting me out of my head and back into my body.  I could feel good again.  Feel alive.  Feel sexual. Feel sensual. and feel my libido again!

Now, I use it alone, with my favorite toys and with a partner! I never realized that a life change, which could have been totally devastating could turn into something so inspiring to my whole being.

Sex Butter improved my whole intimate experience.  I don’t ever want to make love or have sex without it again!

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