You could be allergic to your sexual partner…

If you’re wondering why you have side effects after sex this could be the reason.

Did you know that each person has a different PH?  That PH is based on how alkaline or acidic your body is.  You could be allergic to your sexual partner because he/she may be too acidic for your body which can result in rashes, yeast infections, and other kinds of symptoms…. Ewwww…. That doesn’t sound fun.

There are many people with this problem however they don’t really know that their partner’s PH may be the cause… So, what do you do when you are allergic to the one you love and are intimate with?

You can try to treat the problems as they occur or you can try to treat the issue so that the problem doesn’t occur.  There is a product that may help so that this doesn’t happen to you called Sex Butter.  One of the many things I have personally experienced is that I don’t get irritated, rashes, or anything uncomfortable since I’ve been using this product during my intimate times… Just another benefit of Sex Butter for me!

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